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You’re Being Duped by a False Narrative

If you view social media (who doesn’t) or you get your “news” from one of the well-known outlets, you probably believe that there is an epidemic of white on black murder, especially by the police. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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“When they go low…”

I hear so much hate for Trump and the Right from people on the Left – the same Left that touts acceptance and tolerance as a major part of their platform.

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The Great Reset – BEWARE

The World Economic Forum, which is comprised of many very powerful people from all over the world including the U.S., are using the pandemic as a scare tactic to basically revamp the economies of the world into a single Socialist economy.

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Public Services Aren’t Socialism

I don’t like it when people make the argument that public schools, insurance, police and fire etc, are Socialism. These things are not Socialism. Socialism is the blatant/forced redistribution of wealth and the removal of private business in place of state-run business.

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