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Color, Communism and Common Sense
Color, Communism and Common Sense

By Manning Johnson, Archibald B. Roosevelt (available on Amazon)

Everyone should read this book. Everyone. Written in 1958 by a black man who was enticed and indoctrinated by the promise of equality under Communism, this book could have easily been written today. Communism, Socialism, Marxism are all intertwined. Don’t be fooled by the title.

As I read this book, it became incredibly clear to me that this is exactly what is playing out in America right now. As Manning called it: “Black rebellion.” Bloody racial conflict that divides America driven by an underlying Marxist/Socialist movement powered in large part by BLM and a colluding mainstream media and Liberal-run social media.

Facts don’t matter.

Play and work the emotions of people and you’ll drive a revolution.

This book is full of noteworthy comments and quotes. Here are a few. Remember, this was written in 1958.

Color, Communism and Common Sense Book Cover

All the right is not on the Negro* side. Neither is all the wrong. The same holds true with regard to the white man's side. The repository of good or evil is not found in any particular race. Black men are just as good or bad as white men. Yellow men are just as good or bad as brown or red. It ill behooves anyone to speak about the other.

Manning Johnson

Labeling opponents is a specialty of the reds*. Smear is a cardinal technique. Any label found in the red stockpile, you may be sure, is carefully made and selected to draw the maximum hate to the person or persons, the group or the organization to which it is attached. The use of such labels has a tendency to divide America.

Manning Johnson

They are ready at all times to do an effective smear job. Among these red tools may be found editorial writers, columnists, news commentators and analysts, in the press, radio and television. They go overboard in giving top news coverage to racial incidents, fomented by the leftists, and also those incidents that are interpreted so as to show "biased" attitudes of whites against Negros. This is a propaganda hoax aimed, not at helping the Negro, but at casting America in a bad light in order to destroy its prestige and influence abroad.

Manning Johnson

Too few Americans in our day have the courage of their convictions. Too few will fly in the face of leftist opposition. Too few will stand up for truth in the face of ominous and destructive storm of "me-tooism".

Manning Johnson

* “Reds” was a slang term for Communists, often used in the 1950s and 1960s.

* Negro was the common term for black people at the time of the writing.

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