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Marxism on the March?

All civilized societies have programs in place to help the needy and serve the masses – as they should.
  • Use identity and class division to destroy private property in the name of justice
  • Demonize Capitalists
  • Publicly persecute those who disagree with you
  • Incite violence to seize power and control

These are core principles of Marxism and these things are happening in our country – RIGHT NOW. It is an organized effort.


Among other forces causing anarchy, if you are supporting BLM and you don’t FULLY KNOW and UNDERSTAND the motives of the BLM organization, you MUST educate yourself. Research the founders of BLM. Read EVERY WORD of the BLM website. It is clear that they are advocating for Marxism; for the destruction of the “Nuclear Family” (traditional family) and the dismantling of Capitalism to be replaced with Socialism. It’s all right there for you to read.


I want to be clear about this: I fully support the premise that the name Black Lives Matters implies, but I DO NOT support the organization. They are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have watched video of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors stating that she and the other BLM leaders are “trained Marxists”. It was not a soundbite, it was with full context. You can easily find this information yourself.


Step out of your bubble. Stop pretending like what’s happening isn’t happening or isn’t going to affect you – it’s happening and it does affect you. And come to a full stop if you are blindly supporting BLM without being fully informed.


Don’t rely on the mainstream media to tell you these things – they are purposefully complicit in the misinformation.

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