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Public Services Aren't Socialism

I don’t like it when people make the argument that public schools, insurance, police and fire etc, are Socialism. These things are not Socialism. Socialism is the blatant/forced redistribution of wealth and the removal of private business in place of state-run business.


All civilized societies have programs in place to help the needy and serve the masses – as they should. That is one of the primary purposes of government and taxes.


If you feel the rich don’t pay their fair share, take it up with your Legislators – the ones who made the tax code with the loopholes to allow the wealthy and some corporations to pay less. And don’t blame the wealthy for taking advantage of those loopholes becase you do the same thing every year when you file your taxes – you look for every deduction possible so that you pay the least amount possible.

Social Security is an Entitlement – you paid into it, you are entitled to it. Welfare is not an entitlement, it is a program to help those in need. The U.S. has many, many such programs.


Socialism doesn’t work. It has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried. Everywhere and every time. You can’t say that it hasn’t been done properly, it simply doesn’t work. If you think it does, I invite you to head on down to South Florida and hop a raft to Cuba. You’ll find your Socialist utopia there. Or perhaps you’d prefer Venezuela, that’s another country that let Socialism get a foothold and now has an inflation rate of more than 10,000% per year. Good luck buying a loaf of bread.


Millions of people risk their lives to come to this country because of our freedoms, liberty and *lack* of Socialism. People want to come here because they know if they work hard they can have anything they want, unlike where they came from. Last time I checked, no one is risking their life to get into any Socialist country.


It blows my mind that we even have to have the Socialism conversation. If people educated themselves about it – really educated themselves, there is no way they would advocate for it.

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